Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yummy Fixin's

Hello friends,

I just wanted to mention, that if your looking for fixin's for your Christmas decorating or even for your everyday decor. Traci from York Mountain Primitives makes the most "YUMMY" fixin's and sells it on her selling blog. It's so awesome, you receive a large bag of this wonderful goodness and it's just the greatest! I purchased her Christmas Wassail. (which she informed me was her most popular Christmas scent) It smells so, so yummy and I can see why it is her most popular scent. I have a posted a picture for you to see how one bag filled my large wooden bowl! It has dried orange peels, rose hips, pine cones, evergreen sprigs, dried bay leaves, and waxed little gingers. So it not only smells yummy, but looks yummy as well! When you have a chance make sure you stop by and check out her all her blogs....she is a very sweet gal and has a reg. blog, a makeover blog, and a selling blog Traci sells all kinds of prim goodies for all your prim needs.

She also sent me this wonderful ginger and ditty bag. I just love him! I added him to my prim display of favorite things I have in my living room(if you look in last post you can see him with my fav. display), so this way when everyone enters that's the first thing they see! Thank you again Traci!

Until till next time friends,

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Christmas Tree And A few Of My Favorite Things

Wonderful Snowman that was sent to me by my sweet friend Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farms. Isn't he just prim perfect!!

Carol makes the most "AMAZING" mice. If you have not stopped by her blog, you must.....She makes all these OOAK little mouser's and sells them from her blog. I will tell you friends,that once you own one, they will leave you wanting more! Just like potato chips hehe. The detail on these lil' creatures are fabulous, no skimping on creativity here! Carol does such a wonderful job and is the most sweetest person you ever wanted to meet! I just "LOVE" this gal, and all her wonderful creations! Thank you again Carol....I "LOVE" everything, and your mouser's are surly one of my most favorite things........
Here is another gathering of Christmas Mice, there's a Santa and his bag, A lil' gal holding some Christmas presents and a lil' gal holding her gingerbread and rolling pin. I have them on my window sill in the living room, and it makes It very hard to get a good picture, will try again soon and will post you really need to see these little cuties! This is a snowman pocket ornie Carol made me. I just Love,
Love, Love this ornie! How awesome to be able to decorate my
tree with a lil' piece of Love and Friendship, I am so blessed and grateful to
have met and made so many wonderful friends along my blogging journey.

This is one of my displays in my living room. I am very happy how it turned out. The Gingerbread and Ditty bag was a gift from Traci of York Mountain Primitives blog I thought it looked cute hanging on the back of the bench.This my Christmas tree, it is called an Arch tree and is of my very favorite decorations. I just Love how it looks. The lights are not really as bright as the picture's are showing. They have more of a warm soft glow to them.Well friends, I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of my favorite things.....I will try and post more if I have the time. I still have cookies to bake and one more gift to purchase, gosh...the time is just flying by! It's so hard to believe that in 11 days Christmas will be here, where did the time go? Sigh......Ooooh If I only had an extra week or two or three...heheh I am sure a lot of you feel the same. Until next time....Big Hugs, Mary

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy Snow Flakes To Make Just In Time For Your Holiday Season

You can also make them in clear, using white pip cleaners.

Good Evening friends,
Tonight I thought I would share with you a wonderful craft for making awesome snowflakes. They make great ornaments to hang on your prim trees, or even for hanging in a window is awesome! The things you could do with them our endless with a little imagination..... They are so easy to make and would make for a great craft with your child. I discovered this craft last holiday season while watching the Martha Stewart Show. After making a few of these.....I became hooked and before I knew it, I had enough for my whole tree and extras to add to my Holiday packages. I am including a link to Martha's site where you will find a video on how to make them.

Tools and Materials
Wire cutters or scissors
12-inch pipe cleaner
Small pliers
28-gauge wire
Craft stick
1-quart container
Hot water
Measuring cup
Food coloring (optional)
Coffee filter

Snowflakes How-To

1. Using wire cutters or scissors, cut 12-inch pipe cleaner into three 4-inch pieces and twist together to form a six-pointed snowflake pattern.

2. Trim 5 points of pipe cleaner snowflake to about 1.5 inches each. With small pliers, make a loop at the end of the longer, sixth point of snowflake.

3. To create ornament hanger, cut an 8-inch piece of wire, thread through small loop, and twist to secure. Wrap about 6 inches of the wire around the craft stick.

4. Add 9 tablespoons of borax to 1-quart container and dissolve completely in 3 cups of very hot water. To add color to the crystals, add 15 to 20 drops of food coloring to the growing solution.

5. Submerge pipe cleaner snowflake in the borax solution, resting the craft stick across the mouth of the container. Adjust length of wire so snowflake is completely covered in solution but not touching sides or bottom of container.

6. Cover setup with the coffee filter to keep dust out and place in a location where it will not be disturbed.

7. After 8 to 12 hours, when the snowflake has reached desired size, remove it from the solution and let it air-dry overnight. Once dry, hang the ornament using the attached wire.

8. To grow a second snowflake from this same solution, simply reheat the solution (and any other crystals that formed in the container) directly in the container in the microwave for five to six minutes or until all of the borax has redissolved. Then, repeat the steps above.

Untill next time friends.....
Big Hugs, Mary

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Line Craft Show And A Wonderful Giveaway!

How sweet is this lil' mouse and snowman bag?

Yummy, cookie melts, spciy orange fixins and wonderful

candle light!

And this lil' guy, isn't he just prim perfect?

Good Evening Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying their evening as I am mine! It's the first night in three days that I am headache free. Yahooo!! On Monday evening in the middle of the night, I came down with a horrible headache along with fever, chills, body aches and all the other good things that go along with it. I can finally say, that this evening I am feeling some what better and headache free! I have been wanting to share with you a wonderful give-away that my sweet friend Carol from "Buttermilk Creek Farms" hosting in honor of her Online Craft Show that she will be having on Nov. 11th-13th. You do not want to miss out on this ones save the date, mark it on your calenders!! As you really do not want to miss out on her show or her very generous give-away! Carol's give-away is not for one, or two, but, three different sets of gifts to three lucky winners!!! Now how awesome is that, see I told you, you do not want to miss out on this one! Above are all the wonderful gifts that Carol with be giving away on Nov. 15th to three lucky winners! You will find all the rules for signing up on her blog along with many pictures of her wonderful past creations, if you have not seen......or are familiar with her wonderful work, make sure you check out some of her past post. Her lil' mousers and gatherings are just the cutest things ever!!

I also wanted to mention before I close, that Carol is only one of many wonderful artist participating in the Old Fashion On Line Craft Show, for a list of all the artist who are taking part you can visit Kim from "Old Road Primitives" Kim has a list of all artist participating on her sidebar of her blog.

So on that note, I am going to say good-nite friends.

Till next time,

Big Hugs,


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Apples Of Marmmies Eyes

Zomie Skateboarder, Boba Fett from Starwars and Spongebob! Geesh...whatever happened to homemade cotumes??? LOL

Please also check out the post below for more pictures....Blogger is being such a #!!**#....errr! Had to add another post, as for some reason it kept errasing my pictures. Gosh, I sure wish they would work out there problems.....

The Apples Of Marmmies Eyes

Good Morning Friends............. I thought I would share with you some pic's of my grand babies from Halloween Eve. I was planning on showing off the little "Apples Of My Eye" yesterday, but the flu bug has stopped by for a visit here and has me a bit under the weather. The boys had such a great time tricker treating and were so excited! So funny... they took there costumes and charters so seriously. LOL I just "LOVE" spending time with them....they are not only "The Apples Of My Eye" but my "Sunshine" as well!

I also have a few pic's from my daughters Doggie Daycare Halloween costume contest and Halloween party. I thought they were just to darn cute to not post...... I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed them.

Until next time friends,

Big Hugs, Mary

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vicky Is Having An Awesome Give-Away!

Hello friends,

My friend Vicky from "Vicky's Art Paint Spots and Splinters" is hosting an awesome giveaway for a chance to own one of these awesome ghost make-do's named "BOO" and "EEK". Just look how cute these two twins turned out.....aren't they just adorable? If you would like a chance to win one of these lil' fellows hop over to Vicky's blog and while your there make sure you check out her ESTY shop!! She has the most wonderful painted wood pieces for sale. Vicky is also looking to reach her 200 follower milestone, which she is already at only three more to go!! If you can help Vicky out by signing up to be a follower please do will not be disappointed as she is such a sweet person and wonderful Artist!

Make sure you go soon friends as her giveaway is going on now till Oct. 10th. with winners being announced on the morning of the 10th!

Until next time friends........

Big Hugs,


Saturday, September 24, 2011

DogDay Care And A Great Easy Recipe For Your Fur Baby

Good Morning Friends,

For all those dog lovers out there, today I thought I would share with you.... some awesome pic's from my oldest daughters "Doggie Day Care" business. Her clients just love it when they come to pick up there little fur babies and she shows them what there lil' babies were up to all day. Gosh, I have to tell you.... I had such a hard time in choosing which pictures to post as she is always sending me so many wonderful pictures. I also have included for you a wonderful easy recipe for "Sweet Potato Chewies" for your dog....They are so easy to make and are a great alternative to raw hide chews, not to mention way better health wise and cheaper in price wise for you dogs! Plus if you have a senior dog whose teeth and gums are sensitive....they are the perfect solution to a great and tasty treat for themSWEET POTATO CHEWIES:
Take sweet potato and wash them throughly. Cut in half lengthwise, then cut lenthwise slices 1/4"(for crunchie chews) or 1/3" slices (for a more chewer chew). Place in a single layer on cookie sheet and bake 250 for four hours for crunchie chews or 3 hours for chewy chews. Thats it......Easy or what? You can put them in a plastic container after cooled and store them in your freezer. No need to thaw.....just give them to your pooch right out of the freezer! Just be prepared...If your dog is anything like mine,once your dog has a few of these treats....he will be sitting by the freezer waiting all the time. LOL

I hope you enjoyed!

Until Next time....

Big Hugs, Mary

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello friends,

Today is a sweet friend of mines Birthday! Angie from "Lil Raggedy Angie" is celebrating her Birthday today. Please stop by and tell her Happy Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY......SWEET ANGIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!