Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vicky Is Having An Awesome Give-Away!

Hello friends,

My friend Vicky from "Vicky's Art Paint Spots and Splinters" is hosting an awesome giveaway for a chance to own one of these awesome ghost make-do's named "BOO" and "EEK". Just look how cute these two twins turned out.....aren't they just adorable? If you would like a chance to win one of these lil' fellows hop over to Vicky's blog and while your there make sure you check out her ESTY shop!! She has the most wonderful painted wood pieces for sale. Vicky is also looking to reach her 200 follower milestone, which she is already at only three more to go!! If you can help Vicky out by signing up to be a follower please do will not be disappointed as she is such a sweet person and wonderful Artist!

Make sure you go soon friends as her giveaway is going on now till Oct. 10th. with winners being announced on the morning of the 10th!

Until next time friends........

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

DogDay Care And A Great Easy Recipe For Your Fur Baby

Good Morning Friends,

For all those dog lovers out there, today I thought I would share with you.... some awesome pic's from my oldest daughters "Doggie Day Care" business. Her clients just love it when they come to pick up there little fur babies and she shows them what there lil' babies were up to all day. Gosh, I have to tell you.... I had such a hard time in choosing which pictures to post as she is always sending me so many wonderful pictures. I also have included for you a wonderful easy recipe for "Sweet Potato Chewies" for your dog....They are so easy to make and are a great alternative to raw hide chews, not to mention way better health wise and cheaper in price wise for you dogs! Plus if you have a senior dog whose teeth and gums are sensitive....they are the perfect solution to a great and tasty treat for themSWEET POTATO CHEWIES:
Take sweet potato and wash them throughly. Cut in half lengthwise, then cut lenthwise slices 1/4"(for crunchie chews) or 1/3" slices (for a more chewer chew). Place in a single layer on cookie sheet and bake 250 for four hours for crunchie chews or 3 hours for chewy chews. Thats it......Easy or what? You can put them in a plastic container after cooled and store them in your freezer. No need to thaw.....just give them to your pooch right out of the freezer! Just be prepared...If your dog is anything like mine,once your dog has a few of these treats....he will be sitting by the freezer waiting all the time. LOL

I hope you enjoyed!

Until Next time....

Big Hugs, Mary

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello friends,

Today is a sweet friend of mines Birthday! Angie from "Lil Raggedy Angie" is celebrating her Birthday today. Please stop by and tell her Happy Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY......SWEET ANGIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!