Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Kitty

The last of my orders are all finished, Yahoo! Now its on to decorating and putting up my tree, and making cookies....The Christmas Kitty will be joining my last baby "Tree Trimming Raggedy" in Ohio.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trimming The Tree

Today I finished up another one of my Raggedy's., She will be on her way to her new home in Ohio.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finished Up A New Little Snowbaby Today

Finished Up A New Little Snowbaby Today. She will be having a new home in Ohio. I just love how she turn out!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Dolls For sale

I'll Be Back Again Some Day. (SOLD) on her way to Ohio.

Winter Wonder(SOLD) on her way to Ohio.
Hello Friends, Just finished up to new dollies, and I'm so pleased how they turned out. I will be listing them later today on Ebay.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

ACOL Treasure Boxes now on Ebay

Hello friends,I have some great news for you today! You need to hurry over to "EBAY'(right now) and check out our treasure boxes. , Our group "ACOL" Artisans Creating Outside The Lines now has two treasure boxes up for auction on Ebay. Each box is filled with awesome creations donated by some of our talented artist in our group. The proceeds from the auctions will help support our group. If you do not know by now, we are a group of artist who have joined together to help support each other through sharing and word of mouth. Our main goal is to help save and support the need for homemade goods. We are such a great diverse group of artist all joined together, from all over the world. If you have not had the chance to check us out, you need to do so immeditely! You are really missing out, if you have not done so!!! .

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Big Snow Of The Season

Mr. Teddy Making Snow Angels...He Luvs The Snow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

Mr. Teddy Making Snowangels
My small lap dog Mr. Teddy B

Snow on our trees in yard 3' and counting

Our first major snowfall for the season, 3 feet and counting. It has been snowing here since last evening, and we are still suppose to get more over the next couple of days. We have travel bans all through the city. Schools, business, and even some medical buildings are closed for the day. Even different parts of our thruways are closed .People have been stuck on the thruway for 24 hours now and counting... what a mess! It's so beautiful watching it from my windows. But, yet to have to go outside into it... is a whole different storey. I used to love the winter, I used to love walking in it while it was snowing.....particapating in different winter activies.....and now, I dread when I have to go out into it......I 'd rather stay comfy cozy in my pj's and watch the snow fall by looking through my kitchen french doors..with a nice cup of coffee in hand and the fire going in my fireplace. What the heck happened to me??? Am I getting old???? Yikes!!! Talk about a reality check...LOL Have you ever felt the same??? I find as I am getting older, the South is looking better and better to me and on days like this. I find myself day dreaming of living down South, sitting on a big huge porch with a glass of sweet tea in hand, watching my dog roll in the grass(instead of watching him makeing snowangels) LOL. Ahhhh to dream..... Now I know they still get snow once in a while....but comeon', nothing like this here! I tried to snap some pictures today from my back deck so I could post, especially of my dog making his snowangels. But they didn't comeout to well. So, will try again tomorrow and post them here, if I am successful. Well friends until tommorrow, be safe, keep warm and have a good one!




"Christmas Holly Kitty" is my donation for the box...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

These are my new creations, that can be found on ebay

SockMonkey doll is now SOLD an on her way to Missouri, Raggedy w/Snowball has also been SOLD and on her way to West Virgina Both dolls are SOLD and will be going home to Ohio
Have a Merry Lil' Christmas is now SOLD and on her way to Il.

My First Post....Welcome Friends!!

Welcome to my new blog! After much a do, I am finally doing my first post."Yahoo"!!! Before I begin, I would like to give a big "Hug" to Jess of "Little Dirt Lane" for her help with my blog and designing my header for this blog. I also at this time would like to give a big "Hug" to my new friend Grace of "Little Black Crow" for helping me out with some of the add-ons, on this blog. They are both sweethearts for putting up with me and my questions. Thank you, Thank you ladies!!
Now on to a little about me, I am a divorced mom of three wonderful daughters, Danielle, Amanda,and Heather and blessed with three grandbabies Bobby, Landon, and Ethan. Which by the way are the apples of my eye :)I always say "We have a love for our children, but an even greater love for our grandbabies". I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man, and the love of my life named Mark. I have two birds (Peach faced conures) and a dog named TeddyB (Newfoundland mix). Which who thinks by the way he's a small lap dog, ones ever told him... hes HUGE!!!.....LOL
I am a self taught artist, who has been crafting and sewing since a young child. I love making Raggedy and Primitive dolls and other primitive needfuls. It is such a joy to be able to bring smiles to others through my dolls and my creations. I will be from time to time posting my creations that I will have for sale, for anyone that my be interested in purchasing them. I also belong to a wonderful group of diverse Artist "ACOL" Artisians Creating Outsides The Lines (The links to our wonderful group is located on my sidebar). We are a group of Artist who are working together and sharing to promote and help save the decline for Handmade Goods. You should stop by and check us out if you have a chance,or even COME JOIN US! We are really an awesome group! We even have a blog which you should you check out if nothing else...ACOL has created a wonderful blog! Every day there is new activity- even tutorials and giveaways!! The Link is on my sidebar to our blog, come check it out, you won't be dissappointed!
Well friends its time for me to close for now. I hope you will consider following me through my lifes journery and stopping by to see what new creations I have created. I look forward to your comments and making new friends!
So Untill next time.......Mary