Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

Mr. Teddy Making Snowangels
My small lap dog Mr. Teddy B

Snow on our trees in yard 3' and counting

Our first major snowfall for the season, 3 feet and counting. It has been snowing here since last evening, and we are still suppose to get more over the next couple of days. We have travel bans all through the city. Schools, business, and even some medical buildings are closed for the day. Even different parts of our thruways are closed .People have been stuck on the thruway for 24 hours now and counting... what a mess! It's so beautiful watching it from my windows. But, yet to have to go outside into it... is a whole different storey. I used to love the winter, I used to love walking in it while it was snowing.....particapating in different winter activies.....and now, I dread when I have to go out into it......I 'd rather stay comfy cozy in my pj's and watch the snow fall by looking through my kitchen french doors..with a nice cup of coffee in hand and the fire going in my fireplace. What the heck happened to me??? Am I getting old???? Yikes!!! Talk about a reality check...LOL Have you ever felt the same??? I find as I am getting older, the South is looking better and better to me and on days like this. I find myself day dreaming of living down South, sitting on a big huge porch with a glass of sweet tea in hand, watching my dog roll in the grass(instead of watching him makeing snowangels) LOL. Ahhhh to dream..... Now I know they still get snow once in a while....but comeon', nothing like this here! I tried to snap some pictures today from my back deck so I could post, especially of my dog making his snowangels. But they didn't comeout to well. So, will try again tomorrow and post them here, if I am successful. Well friends until tommorrow, be safe, keep warm and have a good one!


BlackCrow said...

Hi Mr Teddy B!! Thank you Mary for taking the photo's for me;) I love those trees! I want to be there!!! I think the older I get the more I want to live somewhere that it snow's...must be my Austrian/Russian blood and that I love knitting! cheers Mary, hope you have plenty of fire wood!