Friday, January 20, 2012


Good morning friends,

Today I would like to share with you a special Birthday gift I received in the mail last Friday. Can you guess who It was from? Yes, you guessed it right! It was from our sweet friend "Linda Parker"!! What can I say about Linda that hasn't been said before...her thoughtfulness and sweet generosity go beyond words. Linda has brought so many Smiles and Tears(Joyful tears) to many through out blog land and never asking for anything in return, but a smile....When I wrote to Linda and thanked her for my package and told her that it made me smile and that her wonderful goodies and thoughtfulness had made my B-Day a special one.....she wrote back saying "Then her job was done"! Yes...sweet Linda your job was done.......I am still smiling from ear to ear, and my heart is filled with great "JOY" knowing I have such a SWEET and THOUGHTFUL friend!!!! Thank you again my dear friend, I truly Love everything.

I also would like to thank each and everyone of sweet friends and followers(old and new) for stopping by and a for all your wonderful comments, thoughts and encouragements. You my not know this, but it really does make my day! Thank you Friends!!! Until Next Time......

Big Hugs,


Carol Stuck said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful birthday present! Linda is a real dear. Happy Birthday, my friend! Hope you have many, many more!

birthday hugs to you!

Angie Berry said...

Yes, Linda is the sweetest! Love those hearts, they look great in your wooden bowl on top of the fixins!

Happy Birthday, hope it's a great one for you! =]