Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Have Been Bestowed Upon Me The Versatile Blogger Award...

Good morning friends,
A couple days ago my sweet friend Carol of Buttermilk Creek Farms bestowed upon me the famous Versatile bloggers award that has been circulating all through blog land. So today I am going to share with you a little about myself to help you get to know me better.
1).I was born and raised in Buffalo New York, a city gal all my life. But, I am a true country gal at heart. I hate city living and the only reason I choose to stay here is the love for my three daughters and grand babies. They are a big part of my world and being separated from them.....I could not imagine.
2).I have a passion for cooking and baking and still have a problem when it comes to portion size. I seem to be stuck in the mode where I always cook and bake way to much! You see I was raised in a large family of seven and with being the oldest and having parents who both worked outside the home, the responsibilities of cooking fell upon first job was working in a Nursing home as Assistant Cook, which meant being in charge of making deserts for all the residents. As a mom of three daughters, I can't remember a time of them growing up when there wasn't a friend or two joining us for dinner or meal.
3). I have three pets, which are very spoiled and are like my children. A dog named Teddy B, which is a Newfoundland and Husky mix. He is part of the herding breed and will heard my grand babies when they are not doing what there suppose to be doing. He is an excellent watch dog and protector. He weighs around 90 pounds yet thinks he is a small lap dog, no body has told him any different. hehehe Mr. Teddy B is very smart and can understands commands being given to him. without even saying a word and only using hand signals. I have also taught him to talk and he says "Ma-Ma" and I "Love You". You really have to hear it to believe it, and it does come out as plain as day! My other babies are a pair of Peach Faced Conure's, which have a some what large vocabulary and if you think you ever get tired of hearing your children call you "MA"......then you have not heard nothing when it comes to these two birds.....I made the bad mistake of teaching them how to say it and now they yell for me all the time.....hehehe They are great watch birds, meaning they will let you know, if anyone steps foot on the property......they will immediately start yelling and letting you know someone is there.
4). I am disabled due to a Dr's big mistake and can no longer work and am limited to living a normal life. I have always been a people person, and had a very hard time excepting having to stay home and no longer able to work with people. If I had one wish, I would wish for to be normal again, it's not so much the pain and discomfort that I have all the time, but the watching of others lead a normal life and knowing I am limited in what I can do and not being able to work with people anymore.
5).I was never one for sweets or candy growing up, but as I get older I find myself craving sweets......especially in the evening with a nice cup of tea. Come around 10's off to the kitchen I could be a small dish of pudding or even one small cookie, but I have to have that sweetness. My favorite of all times and my biggest weakness is fresh baked doughnuts......especially jelly filled!
6). I love crafting and sewing and have been blessed by god with having the ability to see something done once and being able to pick it up quite easily. I also love learning I all I can about crafting and sewing and enjoy reading all the tutorials, DIY blogs and how to's.
7). I treasure all my new online friends and followers that I have made through blogging over the last year. I feel very blessed to have you all in my life and treasure each and everyone of you! Your friendship, kindness, thoughtfulness and sweet generosity has touched my life and heart, in words I cannot explain and for this I give all a Great "Big Hug" and "Thank You"!
Well friends, there you have it....a little about myself, I hope I haven't bore you to tears. Also if you get a chance please stop by Carol blog "Buttermilk Creek Farms"and check out her wonderful blog, she is the most sweetest person you ever wanted to meet. And, If you do not know this by now, she makes the most cutest mouser's you ever wanted to see and from what I hear is working on some new creations that will be for sale very soon!
Until next time friends.....
Big hugs,

PS...I almost forgot friends, I was suppose to pass this on to 10 fellow blogger's. But, I am going to decline as many have already share this with us already and it is very hard to just pick 10 friends when so many deserve the award. With that being said, I am leaving it up to you. If you have not participated and would like to do so......consider yourself more than welcome to.......We would all love to know a little more about you!


Angie Berry said...

It was fun to think of random things, wasn't it? I enjoyed reading through your list and learning more about you. =]

I was raised a country girl all my life so when I married and moved to the city, I couldn't wait to get out of there, lol. Not for me at all.

How neat that your dog can do all that! I'm sure that took lots of training on your part but would be fun. I was cracking up about the birds, that is too funny!

Sorry to hear about your disability. That would be so frustrating! Most people would be mad at God and hate the world for something like that. I've only been following you a few months but your blog has always been positive and uplifting. I would never have guessed something like this about you. I'm thankful that God has blessed you with a crafting talent of being able to pick something up so easily. I think He gave that to you so you can be a testimony of His great grace and also to give you an outlet of sorts when you get down. Thank you for being real. It has truly inspired me, truly it has!!!

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Mary, I love learning all of these wonderful things about you. I am so sorry that you have to hurt everyday because of someones mistake.
I love that mouse, love that little feedsack apron. I hope one day to own one of her mice, they definitely are the cutest!!!
I am so glad that you are my prim friend. Have a great day! Hugs, Lecia

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I'm not so big on sweets either but we have discovered this Land o' Lakes cocoa mix and it is double chocolate. Hubby prefers tea with honey and lately he has been fixing us both a cup of our favorites at bedtime. It is so yummy, I can't say no.
Love your list and your good heart.

alltheseboys said...

I have a problem with serving sizes too..only mine is eating to big of a serving, lol!!! I had fun learning more about you..thank you for sharing! Katie

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Mary: It has been my pleasure to get to know you over the past year and yet, I think I just learned another thing or two about you...heehee! Yum.... donuts and sweets. Love it myself. You asked me if there was somewhere I would love to go someday....well, to start, I would love to meet you. Doesn't matter where....just the joy of meeting.

hugs to you!

jhopes70 said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles, its not fun to not be able to do as youplease, I know a bit about this.You sound like you lead a full and happy life and itvwas a pleasure to get to know you better!