Friday, March 9, 2012

Riddles and Rhymes For A Fun Easter Giveaway Time!

Monday's Riddle and Clue: And My Answer.
I am something that comes in the pastel colors
of spring. I am soft and a of a bit squishy thing. One
box may do, but you'd prefer two... there you have it....This is your clue.
Wednesday Riddle And Clue: And My Answer.
Many will say that size doesn't matter, but this time of
year the bigger the better. Fashioned from gourds, quills,
splints or deer antler. There's not much you own that I
can't handle. What am I?
Friday Riddle And Clue: And My Answer.
Dating way back to the early 1800"s. I am sweet as can
be my popularity no wonder. Spring is the season of re-
birth and growth, I long been associated as a symbol of
them both. Molded and tucked in a pretty hidden basket if someone steal might blow a gasket.

Good Morning Friends,

Today I would like to share with you all, how much fun I have been having taking part in Traci's "York Mountain Primitives" Easter Egg Hunt, which has been for extra bonus points ( not to mention extra prizes drawn each wk. for taking part in the hunt!) for her awesome hand made Bunny Giveaway that she has going on right now. If you would like to read all about it or sign up for the giveaway you can click here and it will take you to Traci's blog and all the info for her giveaway.

This weeks egg hunt was to answer three riddles with clues, which were a bit of a challenge...yet a lot of fun in trying to figure them all out. Gosh....I have my fingers crossed here that my answer's are right. But, I will have to wait till Monday to find out. Ooooh the excitement , suspense and curiosity is going to kill me...hehehe

If you have not signed up for Traci's giveaway yet... "YES" there's still time! Winners are going to be picked on March 20th first day of spring, so you might want to hurry over and sign up today. I also wanted to mention (in case you would like to check it out) that Traci has a wonderful selling blog, "York Mountain Mercantile" which is filled full with many wonderful prim creations and needfuls all at very reasonable prices and primtasticly made!!
Until next time friends,
Big Hugs,


Traci said...

Thanks you so kindly are sweeter than sweet! Love those pretty eggs in the last pic and that twig basket it really neat. Have a Great weekend friend...Hugs, Traci

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hasn't this been the best fun? I love riddles....and scavenger hunts! Those redware eggs are GORGEOUS Mary!!! Wish I had a bowl full of those!.....Wishing you the best of luck in the game....I see we have different answers to the last one....I thought eggs at first too - but then when she threw in the "sweet as can be" and "molded," I went with chocolate bunnies..... I guess only Traci knows! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~