Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day With A Lil' Bit Of Love

Happy Valentine's Day!
I thought I would share my Lil' Bit Of Love with everyone today, seeing it's Valentine's day. I thought ,what could be more fitting? I participated in a swap called" A Lil' Bit Of Love" that was hosting. My swap pattern was Lyn Smith from Queensland Australia. We each had to create a doll, with everyone using the same pattern called "Lil' Bit Of Love" by Back Porch Pickins. This was my second doll swap I particiapated in and I am looking forward to doing many more. I had so much fun, creating my doll and I thought it was so awesome to see what everyone else had created and how different each doll was! Lyn did such a beautiful job on my doll and I just love her to bits! She not only sent me my doll, but she sent me a tin of chocolates (mmm, yummy, I wonder how she knew I had a weekness for chocolate?? LOL) and a package of beautiful heart beads(and they are pink, no less, my fav. color!). Thank you so much Lyn! I love everything! The best part of doing this swap is I have gotten to make a new friend, and I look forward to learning all about her and Australia!
On that note I will close for now. I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Until next time.....Hugs Mary
PS...As soon as Lyn recieves her doll I made, I will post the pictures of her as I do not want to spoil her surprise.