Monday, August 29, 2011

Country Creations By Denise

Hello friend.

By now I am sure you have heard the buzz that is going around all over blog land.....about "Country Creations By Denise" and her awesome giveaway! If you have been putting if off, or just have forgotten..... you need to go and sign up as time is running out, she will be announcing the winner on Sept.1st.!!! So that means friends you only have two days left to go sign up! I am sure you "DO NOT" want to miss out on this giveaway!!
Just look at this awesome is 23' tall, has 50 clear lights on it. She has also added berry picks, hand painted Jack O' Lanterns,cats,bats, a witch face and witch hats.....and that's not all, she has a resin ghost, pumpkin head, witch and cat face and even tiny witches brooms!! And then, to top if off she has added a large rusty star to the top of the tree. Denise has even hand painted the 5" pail with a Maxine Thomas design that the tree sits in. When it comes to perfection, Denise does it all! Her trees are truly a work of art! Oh and while your signing up for her giveaway, make sure you check out her other wonderful creations, as they are all just amazing!
Until next time friend,
Big Hugs, Mary