Monday, August 15, 2011

Long Over Due Thank You's And New Goodies In The Mail

Good evening friends,
Gosh it's good to be back, It seems like forever since I last posted. For those of you who were wondering where I went to? Well,A while back I had a little mishap in my backyard, by slipping on some wet mud and taking a fall, and hurting my tailbone in the process. It left me in quite a bit of pain and discomfort to say the least. But, I am happy to report, I am finally able to move around alot better, I can see a big improvement with getting around and sitting for longer periods of time. Yahooo!!! I can finally get back to creating and blogging once again!!
I have a few goodies I would like to share with you, that I have received over the last month or so. I am so,so sorry it has taken me so long to post them, but with the fall and not being able to get around so easy, I didn't get to do any posting. I am truly sorry I Love each and everyone of your goodies that you have sent me!!!
First off was an envelope filled to the brim with with wonderful goodies from my friend Angie over at "Just A Lil' Raggedy" blog. I happen to be up late one night and so was Angie, she was having to stay awake so she could wake her hubby for one of his late night shifts. Angie had posted that the first three people to leave a comment on her blog would receive a surprise gift from her for leaving a comment, I happened to be the first one! YESSsss!!! Angie sent me this sweet little handmade crow, awesome handmade bumble bee (Love the wings, there made from screening) a wonderful smelling apple spice candle, and some yummy vanilla body wash. I was so surprised to find so many awesome goodies stuffed into her envelope. I also have to mention she had the most cutest Raggedy Ann and Andy address label on her envelope ......I just knew it was from her right away when seeing it. Thank you Angie......I love everything! And I am truly sorry it has taken me so long to post.
Next was a surprise package that I received from my sweet friend Lecia over at "Farmhouse Prims" Yes, you guessed it, she sent me tw0 of her wonderful handmade prairie bonnets, yes you read that right she sent me two! Now how awesome is that!! Plus she sent me a hand stitched candle mat, I just love the saying "Angels are mother's in disguise". If you have been thinking about purchasing one of Lecia's legendary bonnets and have not yet, you really, really should consider...they are so beautifully made and the fabric and prints that she uses to make them are so prim perfect!!! She does have an Esty shop where she has some of her handmade goodies listed for sale. So, if you have time you need to stop by and check them out, you won't be disappointed! WARNING though.....there like Lays potato chips, you just can't stop with one, once you have one will definitely want more! Lecia, if your reading this.....I thank you again my sweet friend, I so love everything and so happy we have become friends!!
I also would like to share my giveaway winnings that I won from Amy over at "Bumble Bee Lane" A few weeks back Amy hosted a wonderful giveaway for this Salt Glazed Santa. I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was to find out I was chosen as the winner! I can't wait now to display him for the holidays.....his picture really does not due him justest as he is even more beautiful in person! I thank you again Amy for hosting such a fun and generous giveaway, I am so tickled pink to be able to add this wonderful Santa to my holiday collection. Ladies if you are not a follower of Amy's blog you need to stop in for a visit, she is such a sweet friendly gal and would love for you to stop by.

My last thing I would like to share is a surprise package that I received in the mail the other day. It came from a very sweet lady named Linda aka Mrs. Clause from "Parker's Paradise" blog Linda is known all over blog land as Mrs. Clause, you see she sends out wonderful surprises packages every now and then to friends all over blog land. To receive one of her packages is a honor....Linda sent me a wonderful apple pillow tuck and one of her beautiful baby shoes that she made into a pin cushion. They are just the sweetest things! I asked Linda if she had ESP as the fabric and trim she chose to do my pin cushion in will go just perfect in my living room. As my colors in the room are burgundy and grays. I also was secretly hoping for one of her shoes(so how in the world did she know???) as I have a passion for baby shoes and just started collecting them not to long ago. The pillow I am going to display on my hutch in the kitchen as it will go so well with all my other favorite things I have on there. I love both of my little goodies and can't begin to thank you enough for being so generous and thinking of me. I am truly blessed to have you as my friend!

Well friends, that's going to be it for now. I am sorry for such a long post. Hopefully now that I am starting to feel better I will be able to post more often. I am so blessed to have made so many wonderful friends through blogging, and I enjoy sharing our primitive journey's together!
Until next time...................Big Hugs, Mary


lilraggedyangie said...

Mary ,
Great new goodies ! Glad to see you back and blogging , have missed your visits! Thrilled to hear you are finally feeling better! I know how that back pain can get you first hand , I have a broken tailbone so Im with ya girlfriend! Take care of yourself and have a great week ! Hugs lil raggedy angie

Angela said...

Hi Mary, So glad to hear you are feeling better. You had some help with all those great goodies you have recieved. Blogger friends are wonderful aren't they? Take is easy getting back into the groove of things. Glad you are back to posting. Have a good day.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

So glad you are on the mend. It is not good to suffer back pain.
Great goodies....Angie, Lecia and Amy are all generous ladies. Don't you just love the people you 'meet' in blogland?

TheCrankyCrow said...

Welcome back, Girlfriend!! I am so glad to hear that you're on the mend....I have some back issues myself and don't envy you the pain....Hope it doesn't leave behind any recurring issues. Love all your new goodies!! You truly have been blessed!! The bonnets, the crow, the shoe pinkeep...and ahhhh....the saltglaze Santa...all precious - from 4 of the most precious folk in blogland. Isn't it wonderful to have a little piece of their friendship to decorate your home with? Enjoy!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

PS - Love your new header!! (That is new, isn't it??) :o) Robin

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Mary, I am so glad you are doing better!! I have missed you too! And I love your new header.
You have received so many awesome goodies! I love everything. I am so glad you like your candle mat and bonnets! They were made with love. Hugs, Lecia

BumbleBeeLane said...

Sweet Mary~ So good to see you posting and doing a little better.Love all your goodies so thoughtful of all the girls.Love your new header as well.I'm a few days behind stopping in as for some reason you weren't on my following list with blogger,hopefully it's fixed been doing it for awhile knocking people off.Warm Blessings!~Amy