Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Of Vacation Pictures

Good Evening friends, I am back once again to share with you the last of the few remaining pictures from my little vacation to Shipshewana Indiana. The pictures are of the Amish that I am so very fond of.

I have to say out of all my pictures of our trip. This one by far is my favorite. Just look at the sweet innocentes in her sweet face.

 The large barn in the background is a huge antique shop. Two floors tall with tons and tons of antique's!
Loved walking through and looking at everything. There was such a large selection of antique's made it super hard to not want everything! hehe

                                       Here is one of there school's. Notice the Hand Made sign.

 On the side of the school, is a row of children's bikes. That is how these children get to school.

(Remeber you can click on the picture's to enlarge if you want).

Well friends that is all of the pictures of our little trip. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed reading all about Shipshewana Indiana, just as I have enjoyed sharing with you all!
Until Next Time
Big Hugs 


Carol Stuck said...

Hi Mary: I loved looking at all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I am dreaming of another trip next year :-)


alltheseboys said...

We have a fair sized amish population by us too! One night I came into work..and there...coming down the street by the hospital was an amish buggy! I so wanted to snap a pic of the "amish ambulance" but of course...didn't have a camera and my phone was at the bottom of my purse! Katie