Sunday, September 16, 2012

Part Two Of Do Dreams Really Do Come True?

Good Morning friends,
         I hope my post finds you all well and enjoying this Blessed Day. I finally made it back to post part two of our wonderful vacation. I am so sorry for the delay, if I kept you waiting. You might want to go grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea as this may be a bit picture heavy.

Gals, If you ever get the chance to go to Shipshewana and are looking for a "WONDERFUL" place to stay at, The McKenzie House B&B is your place! It is not located directly in Shipshewana, but in a small town called Middleburry which is only around 10 minutes down the road from Shipshewana. The house sits back from the road and nestled in a very beautiful country setting.

Here is the main house. Which houses, the owners apartment (Bruce and Sheri), three rooms that are available for guests (one of which Carol and her hubby stayed in). It also has a gorgeous sitting and reading room which guests are aloud to use. A dinning room where all the wonderful home style breakfasts (Sheri, can cook her heart out friends, everything she makes is an experience in it's self and her home made Baked Oatmeal is to DIE for!) are served daily. Then there is a small area connected to the dinning area where there is fresh coffee, drinks and snacks which are left out for guest to help themselves anytime throughout the day.
It also houses a huge theater room located in the basement along with a movie theater popcorn machine & popcorn that the guest may use at any time....Plus on the other side of the basement is a awesome music room, that guests can use also......Now how wonderful is that!!

I am sorry, I didn't think to take picture's of the inside....but trust me when I say this, it is absolutely gorgeous inside. So, welcoming and decorated all in a country decor.
On the left side of the property located steps away from the main house, sat the guest house. That is where Mark and I stayed. In the guest house there are two apartment type rooms. One on top and ours which was located on the bottom. 

Here is the side view of the guest house and picture of Mark enjoying the peace and quite before heading out for our busy day.

Would you like to see inside? Well come on in, let me show you around.  Here are some pictures of the kitchen area.

Everything was just impeccable and super clean! Nothing left to need or want. The kitchen area was very well stocked from dishes, coffee & coffee maker, tea, hot apple cider mix,fridge, microwave to wonderful place mats and great smelling candle on the table. Next we will head into the small living room. 

There was also a small desk and lamp located on the other wall in the room. I love how the wall was made to look like an old bar door! So neat....and just added to the country charm of the room. Are you ready to see my most favorite room in the house? Can you guess what it is? If you guessed the hit the nail on the head sorta' speak.....hehe
Gals, let me tell you......this bed was to die for!!! It was a real feather bed, and to lay in it, was like I had died and gone to Heaven!!! The bed just seemed to cuddle every inch of your body and I have to say It was the best sleep I have had  in a very long time.

The whole McKenzie house experience was themed around a bird/country theme. Thus for the birdhouse headboard.....which is I thought was really creative. There was even a small sound machine located on the kitchen counter, which played continuously of lovely birds chirping and singing....I found it to be quite relaxing.  
Here is a picture of the bedroom wall, which had old windows hung on it with hand painted birds on them. They were painted by a local artist which sold his Art at the flea market in town.

Notice the same barn door theme in here also.

Next is the bathroom, which had a huge Jacuzzi tub (with tons of candles displayed throughout for those romantic evenings **wink,wink**hehe ), shower and dressing area.  The bathroom not only had tons of towels but even well stocked with full size luxury body wash and shampoo! Now how often do you see this when staying on vacation? Usually have those teeny tiny little bars of soap and tiny bottles of shampoo! See I told you everything was impeccable here!
Last of the pictures include the fire pit and a wonderful flower vignette located on the side of the main house
and a large built in pool and Jacuzzi for guests to use anytime. A wonderful screened in porch was also attached to the side of the house by the pool for those days when the bugs became bothersome and you did not want to sit outside.

This ends our little tour of the McKenzie House friends. As you can see everything while staying here has been so exceptional and it has been added to my book of wonderful memories. Bruce and Sheri has a saying when entering their lovely home.......and it goes like this
"Come As Guest, Leave As Friends"
This saying is so true by far, I can't begin to thank them enough for making our wonderful visit to Indiana such a special and awesome experience! Thank you Bruce & Sheri for making us feel right at home!!
The Inn Keeper's Sheri and Bruce
Well friends I hope I haven't bored you to tears....and that you enjoyed your little visit with me and all my pictures of the McKenzie House. In my next post I will have a few pictures to share of the Amish.
Until next time friends...
Big Hugs,


Carol Stuck said...

Hi Mary: Your post of the McKinley House was wonderful. It was nice to get to enjoy it again through your beautiful pictures. I am looking forward to our next visit.

hugs and smiles,

Sweet Bear Creek Whims said...

Great post Mary!! it makes me feel like I was there too. It looks like a lovely place to stay. Thanks for letting us take a peek.